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About Us

The Fernweh Village


You've heard so much about this village you can depend on. Well, you've finally found it!

Welcome to Fernweh Collective! I'm the founder and CEO, Dr. Randall Ulyate, and like my 5 year old says, I'm a philosophy doctor for ideas, not a medical doctor for ouchies. I've been a career educator for over 20 years in a variety of roles, including resident camp director, after-school program director, college professor, dance teacher. I hold a PhD in mythological studies and depth psychology, I'm an avid rollerskater, a shower singer, and musician. I founded Fernweh Collective with the goal to facilitate community, especially during those first few precarious years of early parenthood. 

At Fernweh Collective, we facilitate this community through our connection-focused curriculum and our commitment to offering quality programming for kids and their adults to build and strengthen their bonds with each other and with others in community around them. We work with a curated selection of artists, musicians, athletes, and educators to offer baby and me, toddler and me, and children's music, yoga, and movement classes, as well as prenatal, postpartum, and adult classes, workshops, and programs! We are proud to offer kids and adults classes at the same time to allow both children and their caregivers to engage in quality enrichment programming at accessible and inclusive price points.

Our village is founded on the idea of generalized reciprocity. This means that we show up how and when we can for our community, in ways that are authentic to us, with no strings attached. Then in return, trusting that our community will show up for us in the best way it can. It's not about keeping score, but supporting each other in community care. We hope that our classes and events can offer a community space to share in the ups and downs of childhood and adulthood, swap clothes, stories, and supplies, and play and grow together. We always remind ourselves that joy shared is increased, and suffering shared is decreased.


Our goal at Fernweh Collective is to create spaces to engage in physical and emotional wellness and practice community care, where we can learn from each other and grow in community together throughout all seasons of life.  

Meet The Village Elders

Our programming is offered in partnership with these amazing small businesses and community resources.

Community, Music, Movement, & Art

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