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The Little Book of the Icelanders

The Little Book of the Icelanders


After more than 20 years away, Alda Sigmundsdottir returned to her native Iceland as a foreigner. With a native person's insight yet an outsider's perspective, Alda quickly set about dissecting the national psyche of the Icelanders. Among the fascinating subjects broached in The Little Book of the Icelanders:

  • The appalling driving habits of the Icelanders
  • Naming conventions and customs
  • The Icelanders’ profound fear of commitment
  • The irreverence of the Icelanders
  • Why Icelandic women are really men
  • How the Icelanders manage to make social interactions really complicated
  • The importance of the family in Icelandic society
  • Where to go to meet the real Icelanders (and possibly score some free financial advice)
  • Rituals associated with weddings, confirmations, graduations, and deaths… and many, many more. One chapter leads to the next, creating a continuous chain of storytelling. It feels as if you’re sitting in the author’s kitchen, enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with her about the quirks of her countrymen, every now and then bursting out laughing. [...] I’m going to heartily recommend The Little Book of the Icelanders, both to fans of Sigmundsdóttir’s blog and those unfamiliar with her work.

- Iceland Review Online


Icelandic pre-order books will ship by August 20th. All proceeds go to funding scholarships for our Summer 2021 trip to Iceland.



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